About us

Aero 320 is a professional synthetic flight training provider based in Hong Kong, founded by a local airline pilot. Our vision is to provide airline-standard professional flight training utilizing Flight Training Device(FTD), and promote aviation knowledge to the public through realistic simulation experience. We emphasize on Authentic Cockpit, Advanced Software and Professional Pilot Instructors.

Authentic Cockpit

Experience fixed based 1:1 A320 Flight Deck, including Instrument Panel, Flight Control Unit(FCU) and Multipurpose Control Display Unit(MCDU). Buttons and switches are almost identical to real airliners.

Advanced Software

Immerse in the simulation which real pilots are familiar with. Every movement on the Sidestick gives the exact experience of an airline pilot's everyday flight, thanks to the sophisticatedly modelled software system.

Professional Instructors

Training is provided by Current Professional Airline Pilots working in major airlines in Hong Kong. Course procedures are as close as possible to real world. Various levels of training are provided for Cadet to Captain.


Trial Flight

From easy enjoyable scenery flights to thrilling movie-like experience, various trial packages are offered below.

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